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Get on board

Steak Escape Sandwich Grill is a company with locations all around the world. But we know the location that’s around the corner is the one that matters most to you. It’s the sub shop that grows with the neighborhood. It’s your local sub shop. And as such, needs to reflect the values that are important to you. In our newer locations you’ll find our commooo-ity blackboard. Every week or so we’ll ask a question such as: Who’s you favorite teacher? Where do you work? How can we improve your experience?

Once the board is full, we will act on the responses. For example, if there is one teacher in a local school that is mentioned a number of times, we will present that teacher with a complimentary meal. Or, if a business name shows up often, we will reward that business with free sandwiches. It’s a small way that we all all grow together.