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For generations, hard-working people have made the decision to work in the food service industry. They have a passion to make people happy by serving wonderful food.

Becoming a Steak Escape Sandwich Grill franchisee offers you the FREEDOM to live life on your terms; it offers you the OPPORTUNITY to be a part of your community; and it gives you PRIDE in ownership, knowing that you are making people happy by serving the best food in the industry.


Why Steak Escape Sandwich Grill
We believe the experience that our guests have at Steak Escape can make a difference in their day. We do it through the awesome product we proudly serve and the manner in which we do it. We believe that each Steak Escape location has the obligation to lift the community where they do business. That advocacy is a two-way street that leads to a successful business.


We started with sourcing the best USDA sirloin steak, hormone-free all breast meat chicken, and high-quality dairy and vegetables. We developed the best fresh-baked authentic Italian rolls. We created new recipes that are unlike all the other “me-too” concepts out there. These new recipes add distinction and depth of flavors to our menu.

We also developed healthier choices for our guests. Our distinctive recipes are offered as a wrap, as a salad, and as a stuffed baked potato.