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Store models

Free-Standing Restaurant

Along with a comfortable dining room and a drive-thru, franchisees benefit from the significant “street presence” that the freestanding unit offers. The option of owning the land is always a plus.



Convenience is key. Customers appreciate the easy access to our restaurants located in strip centers. Approximately half of sales in this model are carryout and drive-thru.

Airports and Colleges

Quick serve restaurants in airports and on college campuses benefit from a captive audience. Travelers have time to browse before and between flights and are typically looking for a more unique menu offering. College students, staff and faculty look for unique alternatives to ordinary food.


Drive-thru capabilities

This is where fast-casual quality and fast-paced lifestyles intersect. No longer do our guests have to settle for ordinary fast food because they don’t have the time to enter the store or mall. Drive-thru models in our free-standing and in-line end-cap locations traditionally account for 40-50 percent of daily sales.